Guns N’ Honey Happiness

Here is the new GnH design of 2008. I did this for a contest on the site laFraise, the contest is laFraise vs. Popdeck and its to design a T-Shirt and a skateboard deck. Popdeck is a site that makes skateboard decks. Hopefully I can place and win some money.

Street Fighter Tribute

I did this for the UDON Street Fighter Tribute book. I didn’t get in but I like the piece, so I’m putting it up and in my gallery.


Assface is a political pundit for Heavy News Channel. I work with Casey Seijas to come up with a new episode each week. I just finished episode 6, but i will post the first 5 here and the other as soon as they are up. Holla atcha boy and kiss my F***in’ Face!