This is a comic I first made for the Dark Horse contest back in 2004 or 2005. it didn’t get in. With the help of my friend Sean Causley to re-script it and letter it so that I could enter it into Zuda. Again another loss. So Here it is. I thinking of going back to this sometime soon.

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This is the first comic book I made completely by myself and printed it. I did it for the first New York Comic Con in 2006.
Bud and Tony will be back sooner than later.


This is my webcomic. I update it every Tuesdays & Thursday. Ants was Glyph nominated in 2010 for a rising star award.

3 thoughts on “Comix”
  1. I saw your work at the Art-O-Matic and really enjoyed your work! Awesome stuff looks so good framed!

  2. Wats good My Dude.. Been gettting my gear up for my Dj business. Yeah.. I went from Guns to
    Holla at me. Dj Wun Moshen

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