Ignorant Bliss Review: Champions

People,we finally have WoodyHarrelsonback in a basketball movie!!! In this film,ChampionsHarrelsonplays Marcus, a G-League assistant basketball coach. Afterblowing up on his headcoach(played by Ernie Hudson)and getting a DUI, he doescommunity service. That communityservice is coaching a team with intellectualdisabilities. The movie starts out a little slow interms of enjoyment,but once it’s gets intoitssecond act,it really comes together. You reallyget the charm of not only Marcus but of all the players. What is a new take for me is that thisshows people with disabilities not as children but older as young adults—folkswith jobs andlove lives and everything. I really enjoyed that becauseI’mso used to the focus of these moviesbeing children or young high schoolers that I felt this movie was going to be a bit rote.Harrelson’s Marcus does have a love interest in Alex, played by Kaitlin Olsen–a sister of one ofthe players on the team. It doesn’t overstay its welcome or take too much away from the mainplot. The movie is very funny and heartwarming and does well in being a good basketball sportsmovie.


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