I felt like drawing the Fantastic Four earlier this week, I started to fall asleep before i got to Reed, so that is why he isn’t in it. I have to figure how i would even draw Reed, I am just starting to getting used to drawing established characters. i mostly only draw mine.

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  1. damn son. its nate by the way. i didnt know you had a blog. but it looks like you just got one any how. ok lemme yake a minute to be ghetto. i’d like to give a shout out to pookie and lee lee and them. and my mansanem. big shout out to the OG and alicia now down in tenesee. love you boo. um tiki ray ray all my hood rats and mad hate to fake bitches like michelle carneiro from woodbridge, VA with her Phat latin ditzy superficial ultimate bitch ass. oh yeah and drunk ass Face and mike. and what the hell me too. but yeah homie keep up the good work.

  2. check this out,
    particularly this,
    and this,
    that’s what I’m reading right now. I think it’ll help you. I know “reading sux” and other phrases often repeated by the unsuccessful, but it’ll help you… cause it’s sure as hell is helping me.

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