Here are two inks of pieces I am working on. I haven’t really shown much of art that I’m doing in a long while other than Ants. So first up is one I’ve had on the back burner for awhile. The costume design is based entirely off of the Cobra Kai dojo students’ halloween costumes from the original Karate Kid. For me that is the best scene in that whole film. The look is iconic.

Sweep the leg!

The second has wink for the late King of Pop and when finished another pop song reference when I add in my usual typography and layout.
Beat It

I’ve been doing sketches of the cast from the great 90s teen mutant comic Generation X. I’m working my way through each one. I plan on doing Jubilee last since she is my favorite mutant. My friend JC said I should add in the original Blink too. That might happen.
She's Fancy

He's sad he was never used really.

Skin is mad he died wacktacularly

Mummy style is the best style

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