Sketches and Some new in progress work…

Here are two inks of pieces I am working on. I haven’t really shown much of art that I’m doing in a long while other than Ants. So first up is one I’ve had on the back burner for awhile. The costume design is based entirely off of the Cobra Kai dojo students’ halloween costumes from the original Karate Kid. For me that is the best scene in that whole film. The look is iconic. Continue reading “Sketches and Some new in progress work…”

Warm Up Sketch: Young Justice Trinity


The youngest generation of DC Heroes. I’ve always like these three. I did some changes to their costumes to make them more like clothing. With Superboy having all clothes as his costume. Their looks is part of an idea I have that if I ever got to do a special Teen Titans story. It would be set around TIm’s and Conner’s senior year of high school from the beginning to the week before going to college.