Hey everyone It’s been a long time since I have updated this here front page of the site. I’ve been doing some work these past couple of months. First up in march a series of events happened. All starting on twitter…

So that boosted my day, that was a bad week. So the week went on and I had to get ready for my first art show in April when this happened…

go to 4:25 on the clip

So yeah that felt great. That didn’t change my life in anyway, but it did let me that I am not creating in a vacuum. It was cool of him to use me as an example of the Artst.com website.

So next up was the art show that was after my birthday. It was pretty good a good number of people came out. It was in Virginia. I had about 5 pieces there. I would like to do some more this year.

don’t get used to seeing pictures of me that ain’t going to happen to often.

also that week I started my webcomic Ants. I update it every Thursday and you can see it here
Here’s a quick preview:


2 thoughts on “Ants, Art show and Skateboard P”
  1. LULZ, copper kid!!!
    “AAIIAAAIIII wannabeyour maaaaan…” No homerz.
    See you at the top little brother. Keep doing it.

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