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I was in the 2010 Artisan Series at International Visions Gallery

I was one of the artist picked to be in this juries art competition. I was very honored to be included in great show along with these other artists and in this great art gallery in Washington DC.

Culture Life Work

Ants, Art show and Skateboard P

Hey everyone It’s been a long time since I have updated this here front page of the site. I’ve been doing some work these past couple of months. First up in march a series of events happened. All starting on twitter…

So that boosted my day, that was a bad week. So the week went on and I had to get ready for my first art show in April when this happened…

go to 4:25 on the clip

So yeah that felt great. That didn’t change my life in anyway, but it did let me that I am not creating in a vacuum. It was cool of him to use me as an example of the website.

So next up was the art show that was after my birthday. It was pretty good a good number of people came out. It was in Virginia. I had about 5 pieces there. I would like to do some more this year.

don’t get used to seeing pictures of me that ain’t going to happen to often.

also that week I started my webcomic Ants. I update it every Thursday and you can see it here
Here’s a quick preview:


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2007 MTV Video Music Awards post…

Cee-Lo VMAs 2007

This was plantanas, one of the only reasons to watch the VMAs. It seemed like it was better to be there than to watch at home.
This is a MP3 rip.

Darling Nikki Cover

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Assface is a political pundit for Heavy News Channel. I work with Casey Seijas to come up with a new episode each week. I just finished episode 6, but i will post the first 5 here and the other as soon as they are up.

Holla atcha boy and kiss my F***in’ Face!

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Under the Unda

My good friend Henry Rembert made this short Doc about the current state of Hip Hop. It is a really good morsel of information.